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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in Fiji.

Great White Wall

Rated 5.0, 19 votes

The Great White Wall has its name because of the many soft coral which can be found below 15 meter. They are actually lavender in color, but the depth gives them a white appearance. Surface conditions can get rough, currents can be strong and so most of the time this site is dived as a drift dive. Often starting or ending near a huge tunnel where you can swim through. It has two exits, one at 10 meter and one at 27 meter, from where you will be entering a new world of colored coral.Gorgonian fan...

Manta Reef

Rated 5.0, 5 votes

A very special dive and one of the few places in the world where manta rays can be seen regularly. You'll be taken by the size and graze of these beautiful creatures as they circle inquisitively. Though almost within touching distance all you'll do is stand back in awe.Even without these magnificent creatures, the reef itself is outstanding in its quality and diversity of fish life. ...


Rated 5.0, 4 votes

Kadavu is Fiji's fourth largest island, located about eighty kilometers south of Suva, Fiji's capital. Officially known as the Kadavu Group, it includes the islands Kadavu, Ono, Galoa and several rocky outcrops on the Great Astrolabe Reef. This mountainous island group is known for its rocky cliffs, adventurous diving, spectacular waterfalls and bushy rainforest. Its largest village Vunisea is located in the center where the island is almost split in two near Ngalao Harbour and Namalata ...

Coral Wonderland

Rated 5.0, 3 votes

Coral Wonderland combines the best of wall, drift and relaxed coral watching.The dive starts deep with some very large fan corals on the edge of a very deep drop off. At the end of the wall, large schools of barracuda often hang out along with a grey reef shark or two. The last part of the dive is spent in shallower coral gardens which go on and on with reef fish schooling in large numbers. ...

Naiqoro Passage

Rated 5.0, 3 votes

This site is part of the Great Astrolabe Reef just off the south east coast of Kadavu Island. The passage is often visited by serious current as it forms a narrow channel. When the current is at, or near its strongest, you had better hold on to your hats because it can be a really exciting ride. Naiqoro Passage is now also a recognised marine sanctuary As you stride in off the boat at the start of this Kadavu dive, which you will next see quite a distance from where you enter the water, you will...

Wakaya Passage

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

In the cold season mantas and hammerheads are almost guaranteed while scuba diving Wakaya Passage. Marine life includes huge schools of fish, White tip, Nurse, Grey reef sharks, Marble Rays, Turtles, Eagle rays and Barracudas. And on the reef we show you the hiding places of Blue ribbon eels, Leaf fish, Lionfish....

Simi's Maze

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

The main features while diving Simi's Maze are the Swim Throughs, Caves and Canyons. Keep an eye out for Sea Urchins and Scorpionfish. Occasionally we do come across Eagle Rays, Sea Turtles, Bull Rays, Schools of Bump head Parrot Fish and the Rare Hairy Ghost Pipe fish. Simi's Maze is a hard coral dive with different varieties. This dive site is good for Novice to Experienced Divers....

Bonzai Reef

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Bonzai Reef is an isolated reef that has a spectacular wall with hard corals, sort corals and fan corals. Reef sharks are a common occurrence. As well there is a resident Maori wrasse, numerous coral cod, groupers and Spanish mackerel. Visibility expected between 15 and 30 meters and encourages good diving practices to prevent damage to the environment....

Lau Group

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

The Lau Group is one of Fiji's less explored regions located far in the east of Fiji separated from the mainland by the Koro Sea, South Pacific Ocean. It is a collection of more than 50 small islands and coral atolls, all beautifully situated with some of the best scuba diving conditions. Geographically, they are often separated in the two groups northern Lau, mostly volcanic, and southern Lau or the Yagasa cluster which are mostly limestone islands. Only the islands Lakeba, Vanua Balavu (with a...

Eagle Rock

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Eagle Rock represents all the very best that the Great Astrolabe Reef has to offer - rock pinnacles, fast water passages, abundant and healthy hard corals, and fish life from pelagics and rays to swarms of colourful reef minnows.Timing your entry into this dive site is key to an eventful and safe scuba ride. Starting from the calm shallows inside the barrier reef, your boat captain will take you out into the narrow Nacomoto Passage entrance, one of five gaps that punctuate the length of the Grea...