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The Lau Archipelago consists out of more than fifty islands and coral atolls making it the most remote and best liveaboard diving destination in Fiji.

Name Dive Site:Lau Group
Accessibility: Live-aboard
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The Lau Group is one of Fiji's less explored regions located far in the east of Fiji separated from the mainland by the Koro Sea, South Pacific Ocean. It is a collection of more than 50 small islands and coral atolls, all beautifully situated with some of the best scuba diving conditions. Geographically, they are often separated in the two groups northern Lau, mostly volcanic, and southern Lau or the Yagasa cluster which are mostly limestone islands. Only the islands Lakeba, Vanua Balavu (with a small airstrip) and Kaimbu (Kaibu) have some sort of accommodations. Other islands that are of some sort of importance are Naitauba, Cicia, Kanacea, Mago, Vatoa and Ono-i-Lau. Most islands are inaccessible, closed from outside by huge fantastic cliffs and only dived by liveaboards. Since it is almost as far away from Tonga as from Fiji, the Tongan way of life is highly influenced here.

In between the Lau Archipelago and Kadavu you will find the Moala Group, consisting out of the main islands Moala, Totoya and Matuku. It is a secluded group and not easily reached by foreigners. Accommodations are virtually absent and the only way to stay and dive here is by invitation from locals. All these islands are of volcanic origin with fertile soil and most earn a living by farming copra and bananas.

Diving is superb, remote with many huge and healthy examples of hard corals and huge sea fans. Governmental officials have forbidden commercial fishing, making the waters even richer than they already were. For those who want to explore and escape mass scuba tourism, the Lau Group is the place to go. You will experience curious fish, unafraid for divers and some of the best unspoiled diving anywhere in the world.

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