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The Yasawa Group is one of the most prized dive destinations in Fiji with liveaboard tours but also beach diving and snorkeling.

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The Yasawa Island Group is known for its superb diving and snorkeling, mainly because of its numerous and colorful marine life. The Yasawas consist out of 12 large islands stretching over a total length of ninety kilometers. The more north you go the more traditional, remote and quiet the islands will become. There are many small fishing villages with very friendly people, speaking the dialect Vuda, who are not shy to tourism but keep their formal way of live and are fully self dependant.

From north to south you will find Yasawa Island which is a long, narrow and undeveloped flat island. Besides a luxury honeymoon resorts, you will find some Fijian villages and plenty of pristine white sand beaches. Sawa-i-Lau island and Nacula are two islands known for its spectacular underwater caves. Tavewa Island is relatively flat compared to its neighbors and small Turtle island is known for is secluded resort. Naviti Island and Waya Island are the highest of the Yasawas and therefore very popular for hiking. The small island Viwa lays relatively solitude at 25km northwest of Waya. Kuata Island offers rock formations, spectacular cliffs and several caves.

Most of the islands are steep with perfect settings for hikers; especially on Waya and Wayalailai you can arrange serious tracks. Kayaking is another very popular activity ranging from a short two hour's rent to fully arranged kayaking tours that visit some of the more secluded areas spending the night camping in one of the world's most beautiful environment. Other thrilling activities include horseback riding, fishing and underwater cave trips. You can visit Blue Lagoon on Nanuya Lailai romanticized by the movie 'The Blue Lagoon' in 1949 and again in 1980.

Known for its caves, Sawa-i-Lau Island is one of the few places in the world where you can take an underwater dive passage and see some ancient paintings and inscriptions. There are many coral heads, pinnacles, steep walls and canyons. Divers will find a whole range of different underwater species including plenty of turtles and pelagic. In the channel south of Naviti Island you can find manta cleaning stations.

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